The Phoenix Birth Center

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Clients, practitioners, teachers, students, friends and family... no matter where you are in the circle, we want to connect with you!

Phone: (602) 903-0419
Fax: (602) 626-3555
Address: 531 E. Lynwood St. Phoenix, Arizona 85004
Cross Streets: 7th St & McDowell


Personal tours are provided throughout the week and we would love to show you around. Please fillout this request form and we will then schedule your tour.


We would be happy to discuss your basic questions via email. If you need to discuss billing, that will need to be done in person.


It does take a village! We have many projects and events throughout the year and can often use a helping hand. If you would like to volunteer, chances are that we would gladly accept the help!


We are open to working with midwives, physicians, naturopaths, therapists, nurses, instructors and community leaders who provide holistic, transformative and life positive care and services of all kinds. 


We are here to support our community and all of her vibrant citizens! So reach out, tell us about yourself, come by to say "hi"! We will be waiting with open arms.

Verification of Benefits

In order to give you a quote for services, you need to fill out a verification of benefits form. We provide this service at no charge to you. Once you fill out this form, it will take about three days for your benefits to be verified and for the information to be returned to us. Once we receive the information we will call you to schedule a review of benefits and a registration appointment. 

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The Phoenix Birth Center

531 East Lynwood Street Phoenix, AZ 85004
Cross Streets: 7th St & McDowell
Phone: (602) 903-0419
Fax: (602) 626-3555